General English Questions and Answers

1. We would definitely like to ________ the proposal you have presented to us with a view to including it in our current range of products.

2. You have a ________ to the public to ensure your toy products are suitable for children to play with.

3. The job of the ________ of this particular section is to train the members to deal politely with any complaints from the public.

4. Although she was very tempted to accept the job she was offered, she had to ________ the offer because the salary would have been insufficient.

5. The company insists that all their products are ________ in respect of their quality, specification and look.

6. A newsletter is sent out every ten days to all the staff so that they receive a regular ________ on recent appointments.

7. Part of the ongoing training is to ensure that a regular time and place are ________ for department heads to meet their staff.

8. In advance of drawing up the job specification and advertisement, you have to sit down and work out the ________ you have in mind for the ideal employee.

9. The reason why I always buy my clothes at this store is because all the ________ they sell are of very high quality.

10. Before these articles leave the factory to be forwarded to the retailer, each one is thoroughly ________ .

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