General English Questions and Answers

1. As soon as the ________ arrive, it will be your job to show them round the work place and give them a general history of the company for which they want to work.

2. You have a ________ to the public to ensure your toy products are suitable for children to play with.

3. At the moment the company is doing an extensive advertising campaign with a view to ________ new staff.

4. I think that you've chosen a very good area of work to seek employment in because I've heard that jobs are ________ there.

5. After you've read the details of the job, made some notes and written a draft letter, check the details, write the final letter and then ________ your application.

6. The whole look of the shop front is ________ by the introduction of bright colours.

7. As we have enough money in our present budget, we are happy to launch this new product in the nature of an ________ .

8. We can offer you a salary that will be ________ with the duties and responsibilities that the job demands.

9. The company insists that all their products are ________ in respect of their quality, specification and look.

10. The head of department acknowledged that the ________ of the section was largely due to high quality support staff.

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