General English Questions and Answers

1. One of the most popular questions asked of interviewees is to explain their strengths and ________ .

2. They were so impressed with the way she reacted to their questions that they didn't ________ to offer her the job.

3. There have been so many queries about his tax situation that there is now a huge ________ containing the details in the office.

4. You have to accept that this kind of expenditure is quite ________ in an enterprise of this kind.

5. Under the current legislation if you are late in paying your taxes, then you have to face a financial ________ .

6. Until it's clearly established which tax group you are in, your employer will be asked to ________ a certain amount of your pay.

7. In order to cut down the expenses of compiling and sending out the invoices, you need to employ an ________ administrator.

8. She was in such a state of extreme nervousness when she was ________ for the interview that she burst into tears.

9. ________ it has not been a bad year as our costs are well down on last year's.

10. From the point of view of relevant ________ she was the ideal candidate at least on paper.

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