General English Questions and Answers

1. On the ________ of her ten years'service she immediately qualified for the extended annual leave of six weeks.

2. Remember when you stop work and ________

3. It's not worth paying for an annual service when you can simply call the supplier on an as-________ basis.

4. She studies some very obscure things to do with ancient Greek documents to most people a really dry as ________ subject.

5. The chief administrative officer disliked lack of attention to detail and insisted that such mistakes should never ________ .

6. The ________ of zip discs in the office is running dangerously low.

7. I'm afraid I don't like this sherry because I find it too ________ and I prefer something nice and dry.

8. At the interview each applicant was able to ________ the level of remuneration they would be expecting to receive.

9. This is going to be a difficult task but we'll get there in the end although it is a ________ nut to crack.

10. There was a terrible storm on the night we first stayed at the campsite but we were all right with our tent and were as dry as a ________ .

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    Launch techniques include foot launching from a hill, tow launching from a ground based tow system, aerotowing (behind a powered aircraft), powered harnesses, and being towed up by a boat. Modern winch tows typically utilize hydraulic systems designed to regulate line tension, this reduces scenarios for lock out as strong winds result in additional length of rope spooling out rather than direct tension on the tow line. Other more exotic launch techniques have also been used successfully, such as hot air balloon drops from very high altitude. When weather conditions are unsuitable to sustain a soaring flight, results in a top to bottom fight and referred to as sled runs.

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