General English Questions and Answers

1. Mind you if there is a very long menu for lunch, it can be a problem for the waiter to deal with a ________ order.

2. She's the sort of person who can't bear being secretive and will never talk about you ________ your back.

3. The other night we went to a French restaurant and it ________ to Charles to translate everything on the menu for us.

4. There's still some way to go with this latest project but I think we've ________ the back of it.

5. There is nothing worse when you take important clients out for lunch to find that the choice of dishes is very ________ .

6. Poor woman since she got knocked down by a car, she's been ________ on her back.

7. He said he'd read my funny story and had laughed twice, which was a sort of back ________ compliment.

8. Of course if speed is the most important thing, you can always ________ up your lunch from the take away cafe.

9. In fact you could not possibly say that the job of best man is at all ________ .

10. I fully understand your comments and bearing those in ________ I have made the appropriate decision.

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    Good King Wenceslas

    Good King Wenceslas looked out, On the Feast of Stephen, When the snow lay round about, Deep and crisp and even; Brightly shone the moon that night, Tho the frost was cruel, When a poor man came in sight, Gathring winter fuel.

    Hither, page, and stand by me, If thou knowst it, telling, Yonder peasant, who is he? Where and what his dwelling? Sire, he lives a good league hence, Underneath the mountain; Right against the forest fence, By Saint Agnes fountain.

    Bring me flesh, and bring me wine, Bring me pine logs hither Thou and I will see him dine, When we bear them thither. Page and monarch, forth they went, Forth they went together; Thro the rude winds wild lament And the bitter weather.

    Sire, the night is darker now, And the wind blows stronger; Fails my heart, I know not how, I can go no longer. Mark my footsteps, good my page; Tread thou in them boldly Thou shalt find the winters rage Freeze thy blood less coldly.

    In his masters steps he trod Where the snow lay dinted; Heat was in the very sod Which the saint had printed. Therefore, Christian men, be sure, Wealth or rank possessing, Ye who now will bless the poor, Shall yourselves find blessing.

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