General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. The ________ of my school was overwhelmingly strict.

2. Being a young scientist, Joshua is really excited to be going on his first ________ to the North Pole where he will be doing do some research work on walruses.

3. There are millions of ________ people in Third World Countries.

4. Did you bring ________ you needed for the trip?

5. An archeological ________ was organized to investigate the remains of the ancient settlement, which had recently been found near the capital.

6. George was worried ________ his father's health.

7. The second hotel was different ________ the first.

8. The chocolate chip cookies are on ________ five.

9. Julia chose to spend her holiday in Africa. Her package tour includes walking in the jungle, sailing down the Nile, as well as going on a sightseeing ________ to observe lions, tigers and various types of wildlife.

10. I didn't know you were interested ________ science.

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