Test # 234 [20-Feb-2018]

S1: The Bhagavadgita recognises the nature of man and the needs of man.
S6: A man who does not harmonise them, is not truly human.

P: All these three aspects constitute the nature of man.
Q: It shows how the human being is a rational one, an ethical one and a spiritual one.
R: More than all, it must be a spiritual experience.
S: Nothing can give him fulfilment unless it satisfies his reason, his ethical conscience.

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    If children are to visit or participate in the garden, avoid planting toxic plants and consider removing existing species such as castor oil bush and oleander that are toxic to children.onsider what might be a danger to children even if it is not dangerous to adults. It might be an idea to label hot tasting plants such as chilli with visual and word warnings.If growing water crops such as water chestnut, arrowhead or watercress in a container or pond, consider covering it with a barrier weldmesh, for example that prevents children falling in but lets the plants grow through.Keep a watch on young children in case they wander off site.

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