Test # 230 [16-Feb-2018]

S1: Man has existed for about a million years.
S6: What its future effects will be is a matter. of conjecture, but possibly a study of its effects hitherto may make the conjecture a little less hazardous.

P: Science' as a dominant factor in determining the beliefs of educated men, has existed for about 300 years; as a source of economic technique, for about 150 years.
Q: When we consider how recently it has risen to power, we find ourselves forced to believe that we are at the very beginning of its work in transforming human life.
R: In this brief period it has proved itself an incredibly powerful revolutionary force.
S: He has possessed writing for about 6,000 years, agriculture somewhat longer, but perhaps not much longer.

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    Buy a few scarves

    My wife, Emily, made me include this tip for the ladies. She said it s a great tip for dressing women for a portrait photography shoot, but I think it s because she has an obsession with Confessions of a Shopaholic (the girl the green scarf). Anyway, it has worked wonders for me in the past. For $15 you can buy probably 10 scarves at any many stores. Then, you can have your female subjects wear plain colors (such as a white T shirt and jeans) and then wear different colors of scarves. I found that this works GREAT for senior portraits, because teenage girls like accessorizing and changing clothes every five minutes. Big time saver and you ll get many more looks out of one subject.

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