Test # 223 [09-Feb-2018]

S1: American private lives may seem shallow.
S6: This would not happen in China, he said.

P: Students would walk away with books they had not paid for.
Q: A Chinese journalist commented on a curious institution: the library.
R: Their public morality, however, impressed visitors.
S: But in general they returned them.

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    The outside that gives the snowshoe its shape; symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical frame centers the foot in the middle of the shoe while the asymmetrical frame is more in the shape of the foot allowing the feet to be closer together eliminating tile snowshoe waddle. The toe of the frame is raised up and the tail is weighted to make sure that snow does not collapse on the shoe for better movement. Generally, the smallest frame which allows flotation on the snow is best for racing.

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