Test # 185 [02-Jan-2018]

He is (a) / too intelligent (b) / to make a mistake. (c) / No error (d)

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    GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

    Discover the science of movies with the brilliant fun of GoldieBlox. Oh no. The Bloxtown Film Festival has been cancelled due to a broken projector. Its all up to you, Goldie, and her gang of friends to get to work and save the day. Work your way through the exciting story book and open up the flaps to reveal illustrated instructions for building a variety of components. A spatula, Lis wheels, Valentinas drum But how do they connect? What will they make? You have to hurry. Times running out. Quickly Goldie gets to thinking: Lis wheels look like a belt drive. Valentinas drum sticks could be axles. All of those pictures Ruby was taking run together like a film strip. Thats it. All the components connect just right to build a real zoetrope A pre cinema animation device that makes amazing one second movies Its the next big thing. Load the included animation pictures into the drums slots, turn the crank, and watch as they come to life with movement. Hooray. With a few basic parts and a little bit of knowledge, the festival is saved. Meanwhile, kids learn all about illustration, animation, and the science of film. Plus, they get to create their own bouncing fish animation, hand out movie tickets, and put on their very own show. Build, learn, imagine, and play with the GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine set.

    Chourishi Systems