Test # 88

You'd rather I kept quiet about it, ________ ?

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    Change Your Heart

    Dr. Abbott cites C. Terry Warner in his article who discussed the following about the need to change our hearts in our relationships: A Change of Heart Without a change of heart whatever we do will carry the smell of manipulative, selfish, or fearful intent, and other people will readily discern it .The self-help movement that began in the latter half of the twentieth century suffers particularly from this flaw, for the personal and interpersonal skills it seeks to cultivate are almost always designed to get us more of what we think we want, rather than to bring about a change of heart.To the extent that we can come to see others differently, we can undergo a fundamental change, a change in our being, a change of our emotions and attitudes, a change of heart.We do not control the timing of a change of heart. We make ourselves available for it by faithfully doing the right things for the right reasons; that much does lie within our control.There is no better means of promoting another persons change of heart than allowing our own heart to change

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