Test # 67

How are you getting on ________ your new computer?

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    Flow Free

    Flow Free is the gaming equivalent of putting your hand in a bag of rice or peeling the plastic off a new electronic device it just feels so calming andright, which is perfect for anyone dealing with anxiety. The game is simple there are several pairs of colored dots on the screen, arranged along a grid, and you have to draw lines between each pair that fill up all the squares on the board. It can start to get challenging as you reach the higher levels, but its always satisfying, with delightful little popping sound effects that are like tiny voices telling yougreat job!Admittedly, the free version has some annoying ads that pop up between puzzles, but buying any $1 premium board pack removes them forever. Id say its worth it, and itll probably be the most relaxing dollar you ever spend.

    Chourishi Systems