Test # 67

How are you getting on ________ your new computer?

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    National Park Utah

    Utahs National Parks preserve the spectacular canyons and mesas created by millions of years of natural erosion - from rain wind and rivers. These parks are all in close proximity making it possible to see all of them during one vacation. However you will find that you will want to come back to spend more time at each park because there is so much to do and explore. Zion with its deep canyons and steep cliffs Arches with its thousands of natural arches Bryce with its brilliant colored HooDoos Canyonlands with the Colorado River meandering around sheer cliffs and Capitol Reef with natural sandstone bridges and canyons. These National Parks are for everyone young and old. You can drive through and sight see or you can hike the hundreds of trails and canyons. Make sure you plan a couple of weeks so you dont miss anything.

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