Test # 57

This is the teacher ________ told me my son has been misbehaving in class.

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    Vishwakarma Puja Why Is It Celebrated

    Vishwakarma puja is a popular festival in the Eastern and Northern parts of India. Vishwakarma is believed to be the deity who is the main architect of the Universe. He is the son of the creator, Brahma and is the official architect of all the palaces where the Gods reside. He is also the designer of all the flying chariots of the Gods, and their weapons. Since Vishwakarma is the God of architecture and engineering as per the Hindu scriptures, every year Hindus celebrate the Vishwakarma puja with great zeal. On this day the workers take a break from work and all the machines are worshipped. Vishwakarma puja is a resolution time for all the workers and craftsmen to increase their productivity. Also a time to gain an inspiration from the God to create novel things and think of novel ideas.

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