Test # 51

The ________ attacked the owner of the house and disappeared with the expensive painting.

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    Gather equipment

    You will need particular equipment to play racquetball properly. Equipment can be purchased at sports stores, rented, or borrowed from a gym or community center. Be sure that your equipment is in good condition and appropriate for the sport.A racquet. You will need a racquetball racquet. This is a slightly different shape than a tennis racquet, so be sure to pay attention. These cost anywhere between $20 $200, depending on personal preference.Ball. Racquetballs are made specifically for the sport of racquetball. Balls come in a variety of colors and are made of hollowed rubber. The standard size is 2.25 in diameter. The most common brand is Penn.Glove. Gloves are extremely important for playing racquetball. They ensure a solid grip and prevent slippage. Wear a glove on any hand you intend to hold your racquet in.Eyewear. Wear proper protective eyewear. The ball will be moving very fast and you want to be properly protected if you are hit in the face, as being hit can cause permanent eye damage. Eyewear is required in competitions.Shoes. You will want to wear appropriate shoes. Any athletic or tennis shoe should be fine. Ensure that the shoes fit well and you can move easily. Shoes which cause blisters and sores should not be worn.

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