Test # 50

It is a ________ to argue with your friends.

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    What Libra Needs

    Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 )
    What Libra Needs :

    The partner who can encourage Libra to be honest, open, trusting and free is on the right track. The Scales crave someone who can give them feedback and support, and affirm that they are a treasure to behold. Wooing them with gifts can be the right stimulant. Some long talks, along with a lesson in give-and-take, can also work wonders. Anyone who can bring Libra to an open state, who can get them to think less and feel more, will be rewarded with a grateful and passionate lover.
    The Libra lover is a harmonious soul who adores love, beauty and the romance dance. Anyone who can take this pleasure principle and make it seductively mental is bound to be at the top of their list. Blissfully partnered Libras exude a sex appeal which is off the charts!

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