Test # 42

This key lock is broken and we have to ________ it.

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  • Rules to play Logrolling

    A beach start

    Place log in water deep enough to float the log when rollers are on it. Follow normal safety precautions regarding diving in shallow water. To safely and efficiently learn how to log roll, it is important to step onto a still and steady Key Log. This requires the assistance of a log holder, two holders are better than one! The holder should stand in knee deep water and hold one end of the Key Log with a firm grip using your hands and arms. Another technique is to use your leg strength with the Key Log between your legs . This will take pressure off your back. Once you have a firm hold on the Key Log, communicate with the roller to let them know you are ready for them to step onto the Key Log. Keep a tight hold while they get into their proper body position and maintain their balance. Once you can see that they are steady and balanced, give them a verbal cue to begin moving their feet in an up and down motion, without pulling or pushing, as though they are marching in place. While continuing to hold the Key Log, gently, but not fully, release pressure, allowing the roller to get a feel for hisher footsteps. This allows the roller to get a head start on hisher footwork before the Key Log takes off. It helps for the instructor to give constant verbal cues to the roller, such as Steady the log, Keep your feet moving, Bend your knees.

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