Test # 30

How ________ people are coming?

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    Oklahoma Sooners vs Nebraska Cornhuskers

    The Big Eight turning into the Big XII in 1996 slowly watered down one of college s best rivalries. And Nebraska heading to the Big Ten in 2011 was effectively the death knell. Still, for decades, the annual Sooners-Huskers game was often an audition for the national championship. The Sooners owned Nebraska throughout the 1950s, just like they owned virtually every other team in the nation. But Nebraska began to catch up in the late 1960s. The famous Game of the Century in 1972 pushed the annual battle to the forefront, but with Barry Switzer and Tom Osborne becoming legends during the 1970s and 1980s, the rivalry became one of the most anticipated showdowns on the college football schedule. Incredibly, the Sooners and Huskers have played one another nine times with both teams ranked in the Top Five or better. And although this rivalry is done since the NCAA and colleges royally fucked up with all the conference changes, this series will always be remembered. It ended with Oklahoma leading 45

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