Test # 168

A long, long time ago there were two frogs who thought it would be a good idea to ________ .

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    Quad bikes for transport

    The following steps should be taken to load your quad bike.
    1. Read the operators manual to identify the maximum safe slope for loading. Ramps will need to be longer the higher the tray on the transport vehicle.
    2. Select a suitable site to load and unload the quad bike. Use a loading bank or platform whenever possible.
    3. Box type trailers may be lower than other options and therefore safer to use.
    4. Remove loads from the quad bike. Empty spray tanks before loading.
    5. If using ramps, centre the quad bike over the ramps. Select 4WD if available.
    6. Check ramp carrying capacity. The weight should be marked on each ramp.
    Example if the safe working load (SWL) for each ramp is 175kg, thats a total load capacity of 350kg.
    7. Once loaded, position the quad bike in the centre of the trailer.
    8. Put the park brake on.
    9. Secure the quad bike front and back with straps and harnesses in good condition.
    10. Use crossover ties if you are travelling a long distance or over uneven terrain.
    11. Secure other objects the quad bike is not damaged by shifting loads.

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