Test # 159

The food here is quite good although the menu is quite ________ .

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  • Exam Tips

    Make the most of your reading time

    Most exams allow for about 15 minutes of reading time before the exam actually starts. This time is not 15 minutes of leisure time, its 15 minutes that can make or break your teens exam results.
    This time is invaluable. It allows your teen to read over the exam, get an idea of its length and format, and sometimes they might even be able to start jotting points down on scrap paper. The most important thing for your teen to do FIRST, is to skim read the whole exam. Dont let them underestimate how important this is.
    Its crucial that your teen does this so they know how long the exam is before they start writing.
    Some exams will allow your teen to write on scrap paper before writing time starts. If theyre only allowed to read, then just make sure they read as much of the exam as possible, and that they start to think about their answers.

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