Test # 156

I dare ________ you're right.

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  • Xmas Greeting Card

    Button star Christmas card

    around 30 buttons in similar colours and mixed sizes.
    One piece of gold card folded in half (or a card blank)
    One square of black or deep blue card approximately 12cm square
    Strong glue or glue gun
    On your piece of black/deep blue card, design a simple five pointed star shape (draw a central dot and from that point, measure out five lines measuring 4cm at equal intervals).Position the black/blue card centrally on the gold card blank, and glue in place. Allow to dry.
    Place a big button in the middle of the star, then position the rest of the buttons on to your pencilled design and fiddle around with it until youre happy with how it looks.One at a time, put a dab of glue on the back of each button and carefully place on the card.
    Work your way round the rest of the star until all your buttons are firmly glued on. Let the glue dry.

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