Test # 155

I'm tired of waiting for buses, I'm going there ________ foot.

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    The Rules

    The ball, a waterpl ball, is passed frm hand t hand amng the players, with sme use f the paddle n the ball als allwed. A player in pssessin can be tackled by being pushed ver n the shulder r back, players may nly have the ball in their pssessin fr a maximum f five secnds. Players can dribble the ball by thrwing it ne meter r mre, ahead f themselves r sideways int the water. Mst f the rules cncern the safety f the players invlved.Fr example illeagal substitutin and entry int the playing area (see belw),illeagal use f the paddle,illeagal actin against a capsized player,illeagal jstle and illeagal screening. Penalties include gal and sideline thrws, free shts, gal penalty shts, and penalty cards. Substitutins can be made at any time during the game withut ntifying the referee, the player has t crss the back line befre anther player can cme n. If these rules are nt fllwed a player is nminated by the captain f the ffending team t be remved frm play (sent ff).

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