Test # 152

You must decide and ________ up your mind.

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    Super Spiral Play Tower

    Get ready for a whirlwind of tactile learning. A penguin spins and two balls roll and rattle down a spiraling tower. Pop the froggie into the towers top and he gently rides to the bottom on a cushion of air, whistling all the way down. When the balls and the penguin reach the end of their spinning ride, theyre quickly split up into three possible tracks. A straight smooth track, a bumpy ramp of stairs, a zig zagging obstacle of alternating panels Three exciting events all happen at once. Press the big yellow button and the froggie comes rolling out from the bottom of the tower with the friendly ding of a bell. Now. Lets do it all over again. With all kinds of movements and activities packed into one fun toy, the Super Spiral Play Tower gets little ones giggling up a frenzy of fast moving, cause and effect, tactile learning fun.

    Chourishi Systems