Test # 111

It's no good worrying about that now because the damage is done and it's no good crying over spilled ________ .

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  • Precaution while using Contact Lenses

    Solution Precautions

    Different lens care products cannot always be used together, and not all products are safe for use with all lenses. Use only recommended solutions. NEVERuse solutions recommended for conventional hard contact lenses only. Chemical disinfection solutionsshould not beused with heat unless specifically indicated on product labeling for use in both heat and chemical disinfection. Alwaysuse fresh lens care products and lenses before the expiration dates. Alwaysfollow the directions in the package inserts for the use of contact lens solutions. Useonlya chemical (not heat) lens care system unless approved by your eye care professional. Use of heat (thermal) care systems can damage some contact lens brands. DO NOTuse saliva or anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating or wetting lenses. Alwayskeep your lenses completely covered by the recommended storage solution when the lenses are not being worn (stored). Extended periods of drying will make it harder for the lens to become wet again.

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