Test # 108

Teacher: Can you explain to me when you ________ the Past Simple and when the Present Perfect?

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    College living can be a nightmare if you run out of money before the end of each month. Stay prepared by rounding up all of your financial resources, such as student aid for living expenses, parental money gifts, and paychecks from a part-time job. The next step is to tally up your monthly expenses, from car payments to eating three meals per day. Spend less and get more when you make your main meal ticket the grocery store, stocking up on staples to cut down on the high cost of cafeteria meals. Set forth clear rules and guidelines about sharing food in your dorm refrigerator with your roommate, and remember to slip your M&Ms under the bed. Staying on a strict budget may seem like hard work; however, it beats having to sell one of your kidneys to buy your next meal. Pros: Your money will stretch to cover the essentials Cons: Your budget may be cut on recreation and entertainment

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