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1.thin and weak

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  • wisp
  • wishy-washy
  • wishing cap
  • wishing bone
  • wishing
  • wishfulness
  • wishfully
  • wishful thinking
  • wishful thinker
  • wishful
  • wispy
  • wistaria
  • wister
  • wisteria
  • wisteria chinensis
  • wisteria floribunda
  • wisteria frutescens
  • wisteria venusta
  • wistful
  • wistfully
  • kirghizstan
  • baptisia lactea
  • audad
  • x-ray photograph
  • adactyly
  • conuropsis carolinensis
  • calf
  • m
  • loranthus
  • taft

  • Idiom of the Day

    have a clear conscience
    to be free of guilt
    I have a clear conscience and I am not worried that I did anything wrong.

    Mike: 'Then you add the square root and multiply by 67, do you follow?' Jane: ________

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  • Benefits of Curry Leaves

    Culinary recipes

    Curry leaves are extremely popular in various culinary recipes in the Indian subcontinent at acts flavor and aroma to vegetables and curries. Crash curry leaves are shiny and dark green in color and have a distinctive aroma and taste to it. Curry leaves recipe involved the use of fresh curry is as well as powdered curry leaves to enhance the flavor of salads, chutneys and spices. The health benefits of curry leaves include improved functioning of the small intestine and stomach, improved quality of digestive juices during digestion, and increased salivary secretion.

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