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1.thin and weak

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  • wisp
  • wishy-washy
  • wishing cap
  • wishing bone
  • wishing
  • wishfulness
  • wishfully
  • wishful thinking
  • wishful thinker
  • wishful
  • wispy
  • wistaria
  • wister
  • wisteria
  • wisteria chinensis
  • wisteria floribunda
  • wisteria frutescens
  • wisteria venusta
  • wistful
  • wistfully
  • salient
  • going away
  • arabidopsis thaliana
  • ophiurida
  • radiosensitive
  • folk ballad
  • south american poison toad
  • james knox polk
  • gymnopilus
  • blood disease

  • Idiom of the Day

    not lift a finger/hand (to help someone)
    to do nothing to help someone
    The girl will not lift a finger to help her mother.

    The past tense of 'dig'is ________

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  • Exam Tips

    Is your teen mixing it up

    Another reason your teen might be struggling is because they have no variation in their Study Formula.
    I would go bonkers if all I did to study for exams was read and make study notes. Doing these things is a crucial part of my Study Formula, but if thats all I did, my motivation to study would sink because it would be such a monotonous process. Its really important to try and incorporate different things into your Study Formula.

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