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1.an innkeeper (especially British)
2.a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army

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  • victual
  • victrola
  • victory lap
  • victory garden
  • victory day
  • victory celebration
  • victory
  • victoriously
  • victorious
  • victoriana
  • victualler
  • victuals
  • vicugna
  • vicugna vicugna
  • vicuna
  • vidal
  • vidalia onion
  • vidar
  • videlicet
  • video
  • madrasa
  • law of similarity
  • sensory epilepsy
  • eriocaulaceae
  • bacterize
  • acoustic spectrum
  • hip roof
  • uraninite
  • deviance
  • anthemis arvensis

  • Idiom of the Day

    do an about-face
    to suddenly reverse one's opinion
    We did an about-face on our decision to permit drinking coffee in the library.

    He looks ___ he's been out in the rain.

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  • Xmas Party Games

    My Dream Gift

    This is a very simple game for which you only need a slip of paper and pencil for each player (or you can use our printable). It works well in the classroom and in middle sized mixed gatherings, where everybody knows each other to some extent.Give everyone a slip of paper to write down their dream gift, if money were no object. Put them all in a Santa hat and shake them around. Now each person draws a slip of paper, reads out the gift, and tries to match it with the person who wants it.It can be fun seeing how well everyone knows each other. And you may find that the children surprise you with their dream gifts.

    Chourishi Systems