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1.an innkeeper (especially British)
2.a supplier of victuals or supplies to an army

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  • victual
  • victrola
  • victory lap
  • victory garden
  • victory day
  • victory celebration
  • victory
  • victoriously
  • victorious
  • victoriana
  • victualler
  • victuals
  • vicugna
  • vicugna vicugna
  • vicuna
  • vidal
  • vidalia onion
  • vidar
  • videlicet
  • video
  • iglesias
  • surfeit
  • sweetsop tree
  • lovesick
  • odd-leg caliper
  • pull-through
  • materialisation
  • genus apium
  • wallace stevens
  • militarised

  • Idiom of the Day

    kick off (something) or kick (something) off
    to begin something, to launch something, to start something
    The department store kicked off their summer sale early Saturday morning.

    I do not care ________ you stay or leave.

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  • Precautions while using UPS

    Charge the battery immediately after purchase

    If you do not use the unit for a long time after purchase, the battery performance may deteriorate and it may become unusable.The battery can be charged by connecting the AC input plug of the UPS to commercial power.

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