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1.inflammation of a seminal vesicle (usually in conjunction with prostatitis)

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  • vesiculation
  • vesiculate
  • vesicular stomatitis
  • vesicular
  • vesicula umbilicus
  • vesicoureteral reflux
  • vesicopapule
  • vesicle
  • vesicatory
  • vesication
  • vesiculovirus
  • vespa
  • vespa crabro
  • vespasian
  • vesper
  • vesper mouse
  • vesper sparrow
  • vespers
  • vespertilian bat
  • vespertilio
  • caddie
  • decaf
  • argentine hemorrhagic fever
  • autumnal
  • iridaceous
  • dampener
  • batting glove
  • zen
  • bed bug
  • carver

  • Idiom of the Day

    in drag
    wearing the clothes of the opposite sex
    The couple were shocked when they went to a stage show and found many of the performers in drag.

    I can't believe that I ________ the whole thing!

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