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very much

1.to a very great degree or extent

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  • very low frequency
  • very low density lipoprotein
  • very loudly
  • very light
  • very important person
  • very high frequency
  • very fast
  • very
  • verwoerd
  • vervet monkey
  • very much like
  • very pistol
  • very reverend
  • very softly
  • very well
  • vesalius
  • vesey
  • vesica
  • vesical
  • vesical vein
  • cereal box
  • decoction mashing
  • forwards
  • local option
  • transparentness
  • fraternally
  • robinia hispida
  • marti
  • ontology
  • non-finite

  • Idiom of the Day

    You bet your boots!
    most certainly, without any doubt
    "You bet your boots I am going to go."

    She did not agree with the idea and spoke ________ it

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    Almonds and Oxalates

    Almonds are among a small number of foods that contain measurable amounts of oxalates, naturally-occurring substances found in plants, animals, and human beings. When oxalates become too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems.

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