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very much

1.to a very great degree or extent

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  • very low frequency
  • very low density lipoprotein
  • very loudly
  • very light
  • very important person
  • very high frequency
  • very fast
  • very
  • verwoerd
  • vervet monkey
  • very much like
  • very pistol
  • very reverend
  • very softly
  • very well
  • vesalius
  • vesey
  • vesica
  • vesical
  • vesical vein
  • jfk
  • lipomatosis
  • aerobic
  • canny
  • latecomer
  • methodologically
  • runcinate leaf
  • yellowish green
  • gramps
  • autocoid

  • Idiom of the Day

    get hold of (something)
    to get possession of something
    "If you get hold of a dictionary, could you please let me borrow it for a few minutes."

    The General made absolutely sure his troops were ready for battle and ________ with the latest equipment.

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  • Tips to success in Driving Test

    Inner Commentary

    To help keep your nerves in check, talk yourself through the things that the examiner is asking you to do. Repeat the instructions to yourself in your head.When the examiner gives you directions i.e. at the traffic lights turn right; take the third turning on the left; at the roundabout follow straight ahead repeat these to yourself this is particularly useful if you have had to stop for a few seconds due to traffic or hazards before you begin moving again. It also when doing manoeuvres as you can approach them in a systematic way and you will know whats coming next.

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