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1.having or showing markings that resemble veins

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  • veinal
  • vein
  • veiling
  • veiled accusation
  • veiled
  • veil
  • vehicular traffic
  • vehicular
  • vehicle-borne transmission
  • vehicle traffic
  • veinlike
  • vela
  • velar
  • velazquez
  • velban
  • velcro
  • veld
  • veldt
  • velleity
  • vellicate
  • republic
  • sabra
  • ceroxylon alpinum
  • badminton court
  • yukon time
  • genus cystopteris
  • sanvitalia procumbens
  • cyrus mccormick
  • beguilement
  • genus linum

  • Idiom of the Day

    sit in for (someone)
    to take someone else's place in some activity
    I asked my friend to sit in for me at my volunteer job at the community center.

    I bought ________ knife.

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  • Benefits of Black berries

    Motor and Cognitive Skills

    blackberry intake may have a positive impact on motor and cognitive skills, which often decline with age. The researchers fed blackberries to aged rats for 8 weeks, after which they tested their ability to perform a series of tasks. The rats that ate a diet supplemented by 2 percent with blackberries displayed better motor performance, balance and coordination than the control group. The blackberryeating rats also showed significantly greater shortterm memory performance.

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