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1.not capable of being stopped

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  • unstirred
  • unstintingly
  • unstinting
  • unstinted
  • unstimulating
  • unstilted
  • unsterilized
  • unsterilised
  • unsteady
  • unsteadiness
  • unstopped
  • unstoppered
  • unstrain
  • unstrained
  • unstrap
  • unstratified
  • unstratified language
  • unstressed
  • unstring
  • unstructured
  • prune whip
  • cirque
  • macadamia tetraphylla
  • grape fern
  • subtrahend
  • daw
  • ricin
  • wild dog
  • picus viridis
  • croft

  • Idiom of the Day

    pick on someone your own size
    to abuse or bully someone who is big enough to fight back
    The older boy should pick on someone his own size rather than fighting with the smaller boy.

    Do you ________ clean the house every day or every week?

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  • Myth about Alcohol

    Alcohol kills brain cells

    Alcohol only damages the neurons. The body can repair neurons but not back to their natural state. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can even help reduce the risk of Alzheimers disease.Alcohol doesnt permanently destroy brain cells. It damages dendrites, which are the little feelers on neurons that convey electrical messages from your brain to your body. Neurons are the cells that act as communicators, triggering motor responses to physical stimuli. its important to note that persistent alcohol abuse can indirectly contribute to lasting defects, since alcoholism is often accompanied by other poor health habits like poor nutrition. Overuse of alcohol combined with a lack of nutrients can lead to memory lapses and problems with motor coordination.

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