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1.not having an identifying mark
2.not taken into account

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  • unmapped
  • unmannerly
  • unmannered
  • unmanned
  • unmanly
  • unmanliness
  • unmanlike
  • unmanfully
  • unmanful
  • unmanageably
  • unmarketable
  • unmarred
  • unmarried
  • unmarried man
  • unmarried woman
  • unmask
  • unmasking
  • unmatchable
  • unmatched
  • unmeaning
  • articulatio coxae
  • famotidine
  • fine structure
  • brilliantine
  • sea snail
  • mishandle
  • broadax
  • meliorist
  • saponification
  • unceremonial

  • Idiom of the Day

    like to hear oneself talk
    to enjoy talking rather than listening to other people
    My friend likes to hear herself talk and it is very tiring to be around her.


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  • Precautions while using Pesticides


    Before application, make sure that the treatment area is clear of all unprotected people. Many states require that all persons in the intended treatment areas, or even in adjacent areas, be informed about pesticide applications before the pesticides are applied. This warning is referred to as prenotification. Prenotification of a pesticide application is intended to protect others from exposure to pesticides. Check with your state pesticide regulatory agency or your local Cooperative Extension agent for the prenotification procedures required by your state. While you are applying pesticides there are many safety precautions to follow. You are responsible for the protection of not only yourself but other people, domestic animals, and the environment as well. You cannot afford to be careless!

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