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toilet article

1.an artifact used in making your toilet

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  • toilet facility
  • toilet kit
  • toilet paper
  • toilet powder
  • toilet roll
  • toilet seat
  • toilet soap
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  • silurian
  • pulassan
  • nebular hypothesis
  • spiritlessness
  • genus alectoris
  • sublingual salivary gland
  • fine-tune
  • moehringia

  • Idiom of the Day

    stand up for (someone or something)
    to defend against attack, to fight for someone or something
    The citizens of the town were ready to stand up for their rights.

    David finds it hard to ________ down a job because he's so unreliable and always gets sacked

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  • Summer Drinks

    Black Eyed Susan

    Indulge in this mixture of rum, juice, and soda, and you might find yourself transported to a breezy ocean somewhereor at least make it easier to pretend.

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