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thermionic emission

1.the emission of electrons from very hot substances

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  • thermionic current
  • thermionic
  • thermion
  • thermidor
  • thermic fever
  • thermic
  • thermel
  • thermally
  • thermalgesia
  • thermal spring
  • thermionic tube
  • thermionic vacuum tube
  • thermionic valve
  • thermionics
  • thermistor
  • thermoacidophile
  • thermobaric bomb
  • thermobia
  • thermobia domestica
  • thermocautery
  • rambunctious
  • polygalaceae
  • genus monotropa
  • black sumac
  • podocarpus dacrydioides
  • kaunas
  • councillorship
  • preservative
  • tartu
  • linnean

  • Idiom of the Day

    run off at the mouth
    to talk excessively
    My classmate is always running off at the mouth about something.


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    If Im receiving treatment I cant spread the HIV virus

    . Research shows, however, that the virus is still hiding in other areas of the body. It is still essential to practice safe sex so you wont make someone else become HIV positive. When HIV treatments work well, they can reduce the amount of virus in your blood to a level so low that it doesnt show up in blood tests

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