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thermic fever

1.sudden prostration due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat

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  • thermic
  • thermel
  • thermally
  • thermalgesia
  • thermal spring
  • thermal resistor
  • thermal reactor
  • thermal printer
  • thermal pollution
  • thermal equilibrium
  • thermidor
  • thermion
  • thermionic
  • thermionic current
  • thermionic emission
  • thermionic tube
  • thermionic vacuum tube
  • thermionic valve
  • thermionics
  • thermistor
  • family pristidae
  • wink
  • cam stroke
  • wear thin
  • indispensability
  • nureyev
  • unwonted
  • bottlebrush buckeye
  • brail
  • vistula river

  • Idiom of the Day

    in favor of (someone or something)
    approving or supporting someone or something
    Most members of the city council are in favor of building the new stadium.

    He'll be there at nine o'clock

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    Chemical constituents

    Investigations into the chemical composition of biochemicals present in Dill revealed the presence of A pinene A thujene o cymene B phellandrene limonene terpinolene undecane dill ether camphenol lilac alcohol B dihydroumbellulone myristicin apiol A selinene and phytol.

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