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thermic fever

1.sudden prostration due to exposure to the sun or excessive heat

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  • thermic
  • thermel
  • thermally
  • thermalgesia
  • thermal spring
  • thermal resistor
  • thermal reactor
  • thermal printer
  • thermal pollution
  • thermal equilibrium
  • thermidor
  • thermion
  • thermionic
  • thermionic current
  • thermionic emission
  • thermionic tube
  • thermionic vacuum tube
  • thermionic valve
  • thermionics
  • thermistor
  • christmas berry
  • saddlebow
  • wordless
  • grevillea
  • pavo cristatus
  • hymenogastrales
  • creamer
  • crassness
  • great toe
  • gory

  • Idiom of the Day

    to wit
    namely, that is to say
    There were several important people at the dinner; to wit, the mayor, the city manager, and the chief financial officer of the city.

    Come over ________ have dinner.

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    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

    Even though there were initial reports that Elin could score $750 million, that figure proved to be completely wrong and unrealistic. Nevertheless, Elin abandoned the marriage after Tiger repeatedly cheated on her, giving her $100 million as a result while Tiger has become a shadow of his former self as a golfer and icon.

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