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1.pain caused by heat

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  • thermal spring
  • thermal resistor
  • thermal reactor
  • thermal printer
  • thermal pollution
  • thermal equilibrium
  • thermal emission
  • thermal barrier
  • thermal
  • therm
  • thermally
  • thermel
  • thermic
  • thermic fever
  • thermidor
  • thermion
  • thermionic
  • thermionic current
  • thermionic emission
  • thermionic tube
  • genus bassia
  • alligator snapper
  • anchusa capensis
  • telanthera
  • pentobarbital sodium
  • wind instrument
  • wood alcohol
  • plus
  • nonviolently
  • meriwether lewis

  • Idiom of the Day

    serve as a guinea pig
    to allow some kind of test to be performed on someone
    The students served as a guinea pig for the school board's plan to change the school curriculum.

    The comapny has lost ________ licence.

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  • Amazing Dances Around The World

    Harlem Shake

    We know you have seen countless YouTube videos of dancers shaking their limbs to the rapid beat of Baauer Harlem Shake, but believe it or not, the real Harlem shake is a dance with actual moves brought over to Harlem from Eastern Africa in the early 1980s. It derived from a dance called Eskista, which, like the Harlem shake, involves lots of shoulder quaking and head quivering. But do not let that deter you from practicing your moves for the next flashmob we are sure you will pick up the real Harlem shake in no time.

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