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thermal printer

1.a printer that produces characters by applying heat to special paper that is sensitive to heat

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  • thermal pollution
  • thermal equilibrium
  • thermal emission
  • thermal barrier
  • thermal
  • therm
  • theridiidae
  • theridiid
  • therewithal
  • therewith
  • thermal reactor
  • thermal resistor
  • thermal spring
  • thermalgesia
  • thermally
  • thermel
  • thermic
  • thermic fever
  • thermidor
  • thermion
  • creeping willow
  • cubic
  • fen
  • scofflaw
  • bathing trunks
  • overexcited
  • boutonneuse fever
  • edward viii
  • calcify
  • morn

  • Idiom of the Day

    end up (somewhere)
    to finish at a certain place
    We ended up at a small coffee shop near the restaurant.

    The corporate disorganization was really only a ________ of the director's indecisiveness.

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