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the great charter

1.the royal charter of political rights given to rebellious English barons by King John in 1215

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  • Idiom of the Day

    have them rolling in the aisles
    to make an audience laugh a lot
    The speaker had them rolling in the aisles when he gave his speech.

    It ________ easy.

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  • The Red Fort

    Present state of red fort

    Red Fort is the famous and largest historic monument in Delhi, the capital of India. Every citizen of India can witness the speech delivered by the Prime Minister from the ramparts of Red Fort every year on the day of Independence i.e. August on 15th. Red Fort attracts a number of visitors every year including the tourists as well the citizens of Delhi.

    Visitors can enjoy the light and sound show in the evenings. This show describes the Mughal history and hence has the attraction of many visitors. Some of the major architectural features of Red Fort are in a mixed condition and all the water features around it are dried up. There are few buildings which are still in a fair condition as their decorative elements are left undisturbed. Some of the interiors of the Red Fort are in a bad state with the marble flowers being removed by looters. The mosques as well as the Hamam inside the buildings have been closed for the public visit. Visitors still manage to have a peek through the glass windows or the marble Jharokhas to know how they were built during the Mughal era.

    One of the old and well known restaurants near Red Fort is the Tea House, though not in its same historic state, but still serves as a restaurant. The Lahore gate has an entrance which leads to a small shopping area with jewellery and craft stores. The museum has various blood paintings which depict the stories of the young and 20th century Indian martyrs.

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