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telephone set

1.electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds

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  • telephone service
  • telephone receiver
  • telephone pole
  • telephone plug
  • telephone order
  • telephone operator
  • telephone number
  • telephone message
  • telephone line
  • telephone kiosk
  • telephone system
  • telephone unit
  • telephone wire
  • telephoner
  • telephonic
  • telephonist
  • telephony
  • telephoto
  • telephoto lens
  • telephotograph
  • yucca carnerosana
  • puff out
  • eye tooth
  • fuckup
  • old world
  • josiah willard gibbs
  • succinic
  • amaterasu omikami
  • awarding
  • sevilla

  • Idiom of the Day

    on approval
    buying something with the right to return it
    We carefuly looked at the chair which we had bought on approval.

    The subject matter was ________ because the mumbling professor spoke too quickly.

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  • Myth about Addiction

    Drug addiction is voluntary behavior

    A person starts out as an occasional drug user, and that is a voluntary decision. But as times passes, something happens, and that person goes from being a voluntary drug user to being a compulsive drug user. Why? Because over time, continued use of addictive drugs changes your brain at times in dramatic, toxic ways, at others in more subtle ways, but virtually always in ways that result in compulsive and even uncontrollable drug use.

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