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syrian bear

1.yellowish-gray Syrian brown bear

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  • Idiom of the Day

    something or other
    one thing or another
    My friend said something or other about his car but I am not sure exactly what he said.

    The company chalked ________ record sales this year.

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  • Govardhan Puja Celebration

    Perform Aarti of Giriraj govardhan

    Goverdhan Parikrama can be done round the year . However many pilgrims do parikrama in the month of Sharvana ( July August ) since climate remains favorable that time. Poornima of Every month is considered an auspicious day for taking goverdhan parikrama. Some occasions like krishna janmastami, Guru Poornima , Annakut ( next day of Diwali ) attracts huge crowd of devotees to perfrom Goverdhan Parikarma.Those who are unable to visit Mathura to perform goverdhan parikrama due to various reason can do Goverdhan parikrama on the day of Annakut ( Next day of Diwali ) at their home by creating Goverdhan hill by using cow dung and can take 7 parikrma alongwith the chants of radhe radhe , jai shree krishna.

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