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sudanese monetary unit

1.monetary unit in the Sudan

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  • sudanese
  • sudan
  • sudafed
  • suctorial
  • suction stop
  • suction pump
  • suction curettage
  • suction
  • sucrose
  • sucre
  • sudanese pound
  • sudate
  • sudation
  • sudbury
  • sudden
  • sudden death
  • sudden infant death syndrome
  • suddenly
  • suddenness
  • sudor
  • atomic number 59
  • portulaca oleracea
  • shiraz
  • false face
  • camlet
  • meclofenamate sodium
  • stormily
  • catananche caerula
  • phenotype
  • blackbody radiation

  • Idiom of the Day

    until the cows come home
    until very late
    It is my birthday today and I plan to party until the cows come home tonight.

    The restaurant closed down ________ the recession

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