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1.having rugged physical strength
2.substantially made or constructed

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  • sturdiness
  • sturdily
  • stuporous
  • stupor
  • stupidly
  • stupidity
  • stupid person
  • stupid
  • stupendously
  • stupendous
  • sturgeon
  • sturm und drang
  • sturmarbeiteilung
  • sturnella
  • sturnella magna
  • sturnella neglecta
  • sturnidae
  • sturnus
  • sturnus vulgaris
  • sturt pea
  • soul brother
  • ball-buster
  • jonathan trumbull
  • antipruritic
  • monkish
  • piously
  • sprinkle
  • bronzed
  • underneath
  • keble

  • Idiom of the Day

    play up to (someone)
    to flatter or please someone in order to gain his or her favor
    The man is always playing up to his boss so that he can get more free time.

    benign is most dissimilar to

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