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1.having rugged physical strength
2.substantially made or constructed

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  • sturdiness
  • sturdily
  • stuporous
  • stupor
  • stupidly
  • stupidity
  • stupid person
  • stupid
  • stupendously
  • stupendous
  • sturgeon
  • sturm und drang
  • sturmarbeiteilung
  • sturnella
  • sturnella magna
  • sturnella neglecta
  • sturnidae
  • sturnus
  • sturnus vulgaris
  • sturt pea
  • ambulant
  • scaly pholiota
  • crash dive
  • aphid lion
  • requiem shark
  • golf stroke
  • arboreal
  • bombilation
  • convergency
  • decimal system of classification

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of consideration for (someone or something)
    thinking about someone's feelings or needs, considering someone's feelings or needs
    The police did not release the names of the accident victims out of consideration for the family members.

    If someone vomits, he or she throws out.

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  • Hand Embroidery designs

    Jacobean Embroidery on Needle and Thread

    Jacobean embroidery is a style of embroidery design, rather than an embroidery technique. The style includes elaborate stylized flowers, vines, plants, animals, and birds. The name Jacobean comes from James I of England (Latin Jacobus), under whose reign this style of decor became popular.Jacobean embroidery is often confused with crewel work, which is surface embroidery worked in wool. While Jacobean designs were sometimes worked in wool, they were also worked in silk and even could include metal threads, and now, Jacobean embroidery designs are worked in a variety of fibers, often combined to good effect.

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