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1.with a slant

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  • sloping trough
  • sloping
  • sloped
  • slope
  • slop-seller
  • slop pail
  • slop jar
  • slop chest
  • slop bowl
  • slop basin
  • slopped
  • sloppily
  • sloppiness
  • sloppy
  • sloppy joe
  • slops
  • slopseller
  • slopseller's shop
  • slopshop
  • slosh
  • metal plating
  • pignolia
  • polemist
  • flying bridge
  • comeupance
  • tortricid
  • soaking
  • maria magdalene von losch
  • freewheeler
  • mountain blue berry

  • Idiom of the Day

    way the wind blows
    the direction that something may go, what may happen
    We will have to see which way the wind blows to see if we can go to London or not.

    The main cause of Industrial Revolution was
    (P) owing to the geographical discoveries
    (Q) in the 17th and 18th centuries
    (R) the great increase in overseas trade
    (S) of Columbus and Vasco - da - Gama

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