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1.with a slant

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  • sloping trough
  • sloping
  • sloped
  • slope
  • slop-seller
  • slop pail
  • slop jar
  • slop chest
  • slop bowl
  • slop basin
  • slopped
  • sloppily
  • sloppiness
  • sloppy
  • sloppy joe
  • slops
  • slopseller
  • slopseller's shop
  • slopshop
  • slosh
  • differentiator
  • numerosity
  • imperial japanese morning glory
  • palmyra
  • anglicism
  • hesperides
  • genus molothrus
  • translunar
  • republic of haiti
  • sunset

  • Idiom of the Day

    cut down on (something)
    to use less of something
    Recently, the man has cut down on his smoking in order to become more healthy.

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  • Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

    Low in Calories

    One cup of boiled bamboo shoots contains just 14 calories. That is a much less than most other types of vegetables. For example, broccoli has over twice as many calories. In addition to this, bamboo shoots are a very high in fiber. This means that you will feel more full after eating them and will be able to resist snacking on more fatty foods

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