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signaling device

1.a device used to send signals

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  • signaling
  • signaler
  • signal/noise ratio
  • signal/noise
  • signal-to-noise ratio
  • signal-to-noise
  • signal light
  • signal level
  • signal flag
  • signal fire
  • signalisation
  • signalise
  • signalization
  • signalize
  • signaller
  • signally
  • signalman
  • signals intelligence
  • signatory
  • signature
  • yoghurt
  • sternutative
  • dressing sack
  • ambiguous
  • press conference
  • living arrangement
  • indigo plant
  • square mile
  • entoderm
  • bigger

  • Idiom of the Day

    hazard an opinion
    to give an opinion
    I will not hazard an opinion about the new company policy.


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  • Upcoming Cars in India

    Tata Pelican 800

    Besides the Kite siblings a hatchback and sub compact sedan the homegrown automaker is working on yet another affordable hatchback, codenamed Pelican, to take on the likes of Maruti Alto K10, Hyundai Eon, and others in the segment. Though the Pelican will be based on the Nano, it will be a slightly more up market product with a bigger engine. The company will position it between the Nano and the Kite hatchback. If reports are to be believed, the company is working on a 1000cc petrol engine and a 800cc diesel motor that might power several entry level Tata cars, including the Pelican.

    Expected Launch: End of 2015

    Expected Price: Rs. 2.50 lakh

    Chourishi Systems