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sherlock holmes

1.a fictitious detective in stories by A. Conan Doyle

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  • sherlock
  • sheriff's sale
  • sheriff
  • sheridan
  • sherd
  • sherbet
  • sherbert
  • sheraton
  • shepherdess
  • shepherd's purse
  • sherman
  • sherpa
  • sherrington
  • sherry
  • sherwood
  • sherwood anderson
  • sherwood forest
  • shetland
  • shetland islands
  • shetland pony
  • stumping
  • divine
  • parisology
  • air combat command
  • weed out
  • acme
  • set to music
  • canister
  • paviour
  • value-added

  • Idiom of the Day

    second nature to (someone)
    to be easy and natural for someone
    Playing a musical instrument is second nature to my friend.

    I really object to her ________ to me like that

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  • Smallest Things in the World

    Smallest Non Living Organism

    Although there is still some debate about what is considered alive and what isnt, most biologists would not classify a virus as a living organism due to the fact that it cannot reproduce or metabolize by itself. A virus, however, can get much smaller than any living organism including the bacterium we just saw. The smallest is the single stranded DNA virus Porcine circovirus you see here. It is only 17 nanometers across.

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