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1.the contemplation of your own thoughts and desires and conduct

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  • self-evidently
  • self-evident truth
  • self-evident
  • self-esteem
  • self-enclosed
  • self-employed person
  • self-employed
  • self-effacing
  • self-effacement
  • self-education
  • self-examining
  • self-explanatory
  • self-expression
  • self-feeder
  • self-fertilisation
  • self-fertilised
  • self-fertilization
  • self-fertilized
  • self-flagellation
  • self-forgetful
  • car rental
  • genus pomatomus
  • normative
  • abies lowiana
  • suprematist
  • no end
  • no-brainer
  • ethane
  • ranatra
  • walk in

  • Idiom of the Day

    tough row to hoe
    a difficult task to undertake
    Learning written Chinese was a tough row to hoe for the university students.

    May I ask you whether you have had a chance to ________ my case?

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  • Benefits of Pomelos

    Pomelos in Your Diet

    Pomelos are wonderful eaten raw. You have to remove the skin before eating. It s also recommended you remove the peel, as it is bitter tasting. Another option is to squeeze the pomelo and drink the juice. Once peeled, pomelos can be added to salads. In fact, pomelo salad is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand and it s usually prepared with shrimp.

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