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1.cheap and inferior

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  • rubbish heap
  • rubbish dump
  • rubbish
  • rubbing alcohol
  • rubbing
  • rubbery
  • rubberstamp
  • rubberneck
  • rubberlike
  • rubberized
  • rubble
  • rubdown
  • rube
  • rube goldberg
  • rubefacient
  • rubel
  • rubella
  • rubella panencephalitis
  • rubens
  • rubeola
  • clark's nutcracker
  • joseph deems taylor
  • crackleware
  • karl wernicke
  • genus pagrus
  • walker percy
  • book of ruth
  • inapplicability
  • to that degree
  • sarcoptidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    tip the scales at (something)
    to weigh a certain amount
    The wrestler tipped the scales at over 200 kilograms.

    She's away ________ business.

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  • Top Billionaires

    Karl Albrecht

    Karl and his late brother Theo began working at their mother's corner grocery store after World War II. And years of long efforts turned it into a large retail chain with low prices. Later when the brothers split the ownership, Karl was awarded with more fruitful parts of the Germany and the world, whereas Theo got portions of Germany and Europe. The store known as Aldi Sud, operates in 9 countries & within 32 states of USA. Karl who is 93 now passed the baton to his daughter and her son who now represent the family on Aldi's board.

    Chourishi Systems