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1.the trait of being dependable or reliable

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  • relevantly
  • relevant
  • relevancy
  • relevance
  • relentlessness
  • relentlessly
  • relentless
  • relent
  • relegation
  • relegating
  • reliable
  • reliableness
  • reliably
  • reliance
  • reliant
  • relic
  • relict
  • relief
  • relief map
  • relief pitcher
  • line drive
  • bilge keel
  • aloof
  • casuarina equisetfolia
  • indiscretion
  • eatable
  • genus pinguinus
  • chaffweed
  • common barberry
  • deep brown

  • Idiom of the Day

    carry on
    to conduct, to hold
    I tried hard to carry on a conversation in the noisy restaurant.

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    Rodhocetus gives us a clear example of a species evolutionary transition from landdweller to seafarer. One of the bestknown animals in the Cetacea infraorder (which includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises), Rodhocetus had short limbs ending in webbed hands and feet. Its characteristics closely resemble those of land mammals, thus leading scientists to conclude it was partway along the evolutionary transition from land to sea.

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