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1.provided with a secure reputation
2.generally approved or compelling recognition

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  • recognise
  • recognisance
  • recognisable
  • recoding
  • recode
  • reclusiveness
  • reclusive
  • recluse
  • reclining chair
  • reclining
  • recognition
  • recognizable
  • recognizably
  • recognizance
  • recognize
  • recognized
  • recoil
  • recoilless
  • recollect
  • recollection
  • sison amomum
  • ipomoea purpurea
  • immunologic response
  • emancipate
  • dwarf flowering almond
  • indian summer
  • jumping
  • glory
  • scorn
  • bonfire night

  • Idiom of the Day

    to put it mildly
    to understate something, to say something politely
    To put it mildly, the food at the restaurant was the worst that I have ever tasted.

    If people ________ away, they ask a lot of questions.

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    Bicep Curl Variations

    One thing you fitness freaks must know about bicep training is that they are a fast muscle group to adapt. Therefore, performing the same exercises repeatedly can lead to hitting a training plateau. To avoid this, vary your exercise regime. Perform bicep curls one day and then replace them with hammer curls the next. The more variety you include in your workout programme, the more youll gain.

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