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1.provided with a secure reputation
2.generally approved or compelling recognition

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  • recognise
  • recognisance
  • recognisable
  • recoding
  • recode
  • reclusiveness
  • reclusive
  • recluse
  • reclining chair
  • reclining
  • recognition
  • recognizable
  • recognizably
  • recognizance
  • recognize
  • recognized
  • recoil
  • recoilless
  • recollect
  • recollection
  • picaresque
  • ralph waldo emerson
  • circular function
  • initiator
  • explicitly
  • arisarum vulgare
  • william styron
  • son
  • amigo
  • capital of romania

  • Idiom of the Day

    make as if (to do something)
    to act as if one were about to do something
    The driver made as if he was going to turn right but he actually turned left.

    If you should see him, tell him I've got the video he was looking for

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  • Valentines day

    Be a mirror

    We reflect the world around us, the good, the bad and the ugly. Be mindful of your partners moods. When you are approached with love and joy, mirror it back and they'll feel especially loved and close to you.

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