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1.to furnish incriminating evidence to an officer of the law (usually in return for favors)

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  • rattigan
  • ratter
  • rattan palm
  • rattan cane
  • rattan
  • rattail fish
  • rattail cactus
  • rattail
  • ratline
  • ratlin
  • rattle
  • rattle down
  • rattle off
  • rattle on
  • rattle weed
  • rattle-top
  • rattlebox
  • rattlebrained
  • rattled
  • rattlepated
  • queen it over
  • city boy
  • doctor of music
  • spinal anaesthesia
  • national assistance
  • compendium
  • keep off
  • osama bin laden
  • topnotch
  • teensy

  • Idiom of the Day

    sink into despair
    to grieve or to become depressed
    The woman sank into despair when she learned that she had lost her job.

    ________ doors

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  • Benefits of Carrots

    Reduces Dryness And Scarring

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