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1.to furnish incriminating evidence to an officer of the law (usually in return for favors)

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  • rattigan
  • ratter
  • rattan palm
  • rattan cane
  • rattan
  • rattail fish
  • rattail cactus
  • rattail
  • ratline
  • ratlin
  • rattle
  • rattle down
  • rattle off
  • rattle on
  • rattle weed
  • rattle-top
  • rattlebox
  • rattlebrained
  • rattled
  • rattlepated
  • mathematical notation
  • window pane
  • limitation
  • king fern
  • barn dance
  • out-tray
  • fibromyositis
  • l-dopa
  • veronica americana
  • farmerette

  • Idiom of the Day

    wake the dead
    to be very loud and be able to wake even those who have died
    Our neighbors told us that our stereo was so loud that it would wake the dead.

    I can ________ you that the duties are not in any way complicated.

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  • Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

    Greenville College Greenville Illinois

    Greenville College is located in the quaint hamlet of Greenville, IL. The school s 50 acre campus provides students with a serene and picturesque location for learning. When students become overwhelmed with studying, they can hike down the campus s nature trail to view the area s native beauty and regroup. The Bock Museum, which presents the Richard W. Bock Sculpture collection, is housed in the historic Almira College House. History majors will appreciate the structure s past as John Brown White once owned it. Mr. White is famous for his attempts to conquer slavery. Greenville s campus includes many residence buildings such as Joy Hall, Janssen Hall and Holtwick Hall. When students want to venture out of town to enjoy eclectic dining or shop, St. Louis is just 45 miles away from the quiet Greenville campus.

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