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1.a school for students intermediate between elementary school and college
2.a public hall for lectures and concerts

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  • lycee
  • lycaon pictus
  • lycanthropy
  • lycanthrope
  • lycaeon
  • lycaenidae
  • lycaenid butterfly
  • lycaenid
  • lycaena hypophlaeas
  • lycaena
  • lychee
  • lychgate
  • lychins chalcedonica
  • lychins floscuculi
  • lychnis
  • lychnis alba
  • lychnis coronaria
  • lychnis dioica
  • lychnis flos-cuculi
  • lycia
  • mangold-wurzel
  • spiritualisation
  • rippled
  • crannied
  • freshman
  • snowblindness
  • tadarida brasiliensis
  • lanseh
  • nelson
  • no-see-um

  • Idiom of the Day

    no bed of roses
    a difficult or bad situation
    It is no bed of roses for the man with no job and a large family to support.

    It ________ happen very often.

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  • World Most Beautiful Temples

    Ulun Danu Indonesia

    It was built on the lake and its scenery is amazing and unique.Locals will pray from the temple on shore and go all the way out to the temple on the lake by crossing two bridges.

    Chourishi Systems