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green-tailed towhee

1.towhee of the Rocky mountain region

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  • brachychiton populneus
  • inebriety

  • Idiom of the Day

    get a raw deal
    to receive unfair or bad treatment
    The secretary got a raw deal when she had to work late everyday.

    The heavily loaded wagon ________ along the old cobbled road.

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  • Most Scenic Train Rides in the World

    The Golden Chariot

    Start Point Bangalore, India End Point Goa/Kochi As the longest railway network in the world (some 71,000 miles and counting), the Indian Railways is crucial to the countrys infrastructure. Most trains in the network are cheap with limited facilities and tons of crowds. You really wouldnt want to get aboard one of them unless you really know what you are doing. However, a range of new trains, such as Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Palace on Wheels, and especially The Golden Chariot are changing this perception. Painted in brilliant shades of purple and blue, this train travels through the major tourist destinations in South India. You get gorgeous views, impeccable service, and great food.

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